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Connect the EasyControl of Bosch to Alexa

Having both hands full is no longer a problem! The Amazon Alexa is an interactive device which allows you to use simple voice commands to control your heating. Alexa can conveniently also tell you the status of your heating.

This voice service allows you to send commands or change the settings of your EasyControl thermostat with little to no effort. Once you have paired Alexa with your Easy control, you can use the voice commands below to prompt Alexa to interact with your EasyControl.

The Amazon Alexa service is only available in English and German and can be accessed as a mobile App for iOS and Android or via alexa.amazon.com

Step 1: EasyControl app – Pair your Bosch ID to your EasyControl

From your EasyControl app, tap on "External Services" in the menu settings and select "EasyControl Pairing Page". Please login with your Bosch ID (that you created during the installation process of the EasyControl) and follow the onscreen instructions.


Step 2: Amazon Alexa app – complete the EasyControl & Amazon Alexa integration

From the Amazon Alexa app, tap on "Skills & Games" in the menu and search for EasyControl of Bosch.

Click on "Enable to use" to unlock all of the EasyControl features and follow the onscreen instructions.

Installation guide (PDF 0.6 MB)

The installation process is now complete!

Simply download the Alexa app