Accurate answers to all questions about EasyControl

Accurate answers to all questions about EasyControl

New Login Procedure
We have started introducing a new login procedure to the Bosch EasyControl app. A detailed explanation on the procedure and information on the steps you will go through can be found by clicking on the button below.


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As a user you need to have the availability over:

  • A compatible heating system. Is the EasyControl suitable for your heating system? Check it out here!: Compatibility (PDF 3.7 MB)
  • An Android or iOS mobile phone with internet connection
  • 2,4Ghz wireless network at your home with internet connection

The EasyControl is available in black and white.

No, the EasyControl is sold including the free EasyControl app. The app contains all the features you need and is available can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Only one EasyControl can be connected to one individual heating appliance. To control the temperature in the different rooms of you home, we recommend using the Smart Radiator Thermostats.

Yes, the EasyControl is a modulating thermostat. Modulating appliances with modulating thermostats regulate the temperature more efficiently than other heating systems. Please note: if the EasyControl is connected to an on/off appliance via the EasyControl Adapter, the heating system will not modulate.

  • The EasyControl is compatible with EMS 1.0 and EMS 2.0 appliances from the following brands: Worcester, Bosch, Nefit, elm Leblanc, Vulcano and Buderus.
  • With an EasyControl Adapter, the EasyControl is also compatible with appliances that use the OpenTherm protocol and appliances with an On/Off interface (between 18-230Vac).

The EasyControl supports the following type of appliances:

  • Modulating Worcester Bosch boilers via the EMS connection

Also, when installed with the EasyControl Adapter:
please note: extra power socket needed):

  • OpenTherm appliances
  • On-off appliances
  • District heating (on-off) appliances

Please note:
The functions supported by EasyControl can vary depending on the appliance connected. For more information on the features supported please check our FAQs.

By default, the EasyControl thermostat is suitable for most new Worcester Bosch Combi boilers, in this instance the EasyControl Adapter can be used as a signal booster. A full compatibility list can be found here. (PDF 0.1 MB)

When wanting to use an EasyControl with an older Worcester Bosch Combi or with another brand of heating appliance via the OpenTherm or 230v on/off connections a EasyControl adapter should be used.

If installing the EasyControl as a single channel time and temperature control in S and Y plan systems, the EasyControl adapter should be used.

In conjunction with the EasyControl Adapter you can also control on-off appliances. Thereby district heating (on-off) appliances are supported too.

Yes, when installed with an EasyControl adapter the EasyControl can be connected to OpenTherm appliances.

For now, the installation of the EasyControl requires a wired connection to the boiler.

The default warranty period is 2 years for manufacturing errors. Bosch guarantees the EasyControl will be delivered and comply with the usual requirements and standards.

Mounting and connecting the EasyControl is much easier than you might think. In just a few simple steps, you can have it on the wall or on a table stand.

  • The same location on the wall

If your current thermostat is connected to heating wires in the wall and you like to keep it where it is, you can simply replace it with a wired Bosch EasyControl.

Step-by-step Wired EasyControl installation video

  • Any location with the RF Key and table stand

If you prefer to put the EasyControl in the most suitable location in your house, this is possible by considering our Wireless solution. You will be able to pair the Bosch EasyControl with the EasyControl RF Key and use it in combination with our table stand.

Step-by-step Wireless EasyControl installation video

Is something still not completely clear? Then please look at our EasyControl Instructions manual here: EasyControl Instructions (PDF 4.2 MB)

First of check that you have installed your EasyControl correctly as per the installation guide (PDF 3.4 MB) . We recommend that the EasyControl is installed by a competent person, find an accredited Worcester Bosch installer here.

If you still require assistance or dedicated controls team can be contacted via 0330 123 3641

If the EasyControl is connected to a Worcester Bosch boiler, a connection resistor is not required. If you want to connect EasyControl to an OpenTherm boiler, consult the installation instructions of the desired OpenTherm boiler.

The credentials are essential for gaining access to the EasyControl with a smart device. A sticker on the front cover of the quick reference guide contains the serial number and access code (alpha)numerical and in QR-code format. The (alpha)numerical credentials can also be found on the back side of the EasyControl thermostat. Fill in your credentials by using the QR-code scanner on the EasyControl app or type in your credentials manually .

During initial commissioning, the first user defines the EasyControl password. If you forgot the password and cannot access the EasyControl through its app then the EasyControl must be reset (please note: all settings will be lost). Please read the manual on how to reset the EasyControl.

Check the following summary or contact us:

  • Have you entered your EasyControl serial number and access code correctly?
  • Have you entered your EasyControl app password correctly? The app reports if the incorrect password is used.
  • Is the EasyControl connected to the Wi-Fi network?
  • Is the Wi-Fi network connected to the internet?
  • Execute a soft reset: remove EasyControl from the black plate, wait 10 seconds and place it back again.
  • The router has an incorrect IP address assigned to EasyControl. Log in to the router via e.g. and enter the username and password (these are on the router's sticker). Reset the router software. New IP addresses are assigned.

Depending on the appliance type, this information might not be available for the EasyControl to display.

Forever. The settings are stored on the EasyControl itself. When the thermostat is reconnected, it will connect to the Bosch internet server and retrieve the correct time and date.

No, automatic updates cannot be switched off. The thermostat automatically checks for updates on the server, which install automatically. The thermostat stays up-to-date so you can benefit from any product improvements.

No, this is not possible. The display turns on automatically if something or someone is within a 1 meter radius of the thermostat, and it switches off after 5 minutes if no movement has been detected.

The 'proximity detection' can be switched off in the ‘Settings – Thermostat’ menu. If there is a mirrored surface in front of the EasyControl, the 'proximity detection' won’t work properly. If that is the case, switch off the 'proximity detection' function.

The thermostat’s touchscreen is only as big as the circle. If you touch the screen outside of the circle and then swipe into it, the thermostat will not detect the movement.

No, using an on/off appliance in combination with Weather Dependent Control (WDC) algorithm is not possible. Therefore the WDC-settings are hidden in the app for on/off appliances.

No, EasyControl connects via Wi-Fi only meaning a wireless network is necessary.

No, it is not necessary for manual operation. For operation via your smart device, it is necessary.

No, the EasyControl just keeps working. If there is no internet, there is also no internet time meaning the clock program could deviate in the long run without synchronisation. In that case, it’s wise to open the app on the smart device so the EasyControl can automatically adopt the time on the device.

If your router's Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough to connect EasyControl, you can improve it with a Wi-Fi extender/repeater.

  • DHCP available and enabled
  • WEP-128, WPA or WPA2 encryption
  • SSID not hidden

Please note:

  • Some routers have the option of being switched off during block times (for example, at night). Of course, at those times there will be no connection with the EasyControl.

Step 1: Remove the old router.

Step 2: Insert the new router and ensure 230 V supply.

Step 3: Execute a soft reset: remove EasyControl from the ground plate.

Step 4: Wait 10 seconds.

Step 5: Place EasyControl back onto the ground plate.

Step 6: The display will then show:

  • √ - connected with your appliance
  • All Wi-Fi networks found are displayed.
    • Select the correct Wi-Fi network.
    • Press OK.
    • If the Wi-Fi network is password protected, enter the password.
    • Confirm password with OK.
    • √ - connected to Wi-Fi
  • √ - connected to Bosch XMPP-server

EasyControl is ready to use.

Some routers have a hide function. That makes them invisible. In order to connect to the router, the hide function must be temporarily disabled. The router name will then appear. Now you can select the Wi-Fi network. After the Wi-Fi connection is made, the hide function can be activated again.

The MAC address is indicated on the sticker on the front of the quick reference guide. A MAC address is the address of EasyControl used in the TCP/IP protocol, which the EasyControl uses to communicate with the router and the server.

According to the standard guidelines, there are 2 characters that cannot be used in passwords, namely "$" and "!". There are routers on the market that do not comply with this directive. Therefore EasyControl deviates from the directive and supports "!" in passwords.

Tests have been performed with no problems.

Please note:

  • Some Wi-Fi extenders/repeaters switch off during certain block times so there is no Wi-Fi signal during those block times. Certain types of router also have that feature.

EasyControl cannot work with a frequency of 5 GHz. However, such routers usually offer the ability to work with the normal 2.4 GHz frequency as many Wi-Fi devices operate at 2.4 GHz. However, if the router cannot work in parallel you have to switch off the 5 GHz support.

The following may provide a solution:

  • Set the Wi-Fi channel to the least-used channel (download free ‘Wi-Fi Analyser’ app in Google Play to scan the area)
  • Deactivate hotspots
  • Enable DHCP
  • Select WPA2/PSK encryption
  • Make SSID visible
  • Add MAC address as trusted devices on the router
  • Open port 5222 and 5223. If you have a smartphone that connects to the same Wi-Fi network and you can send WhatsApp messages, these ports will be open and cannot be the cause of the problem.
  • Shut down the router for at least 5 minutes for a reset
  • Reset the router and set it back to factory settings
  • Unlock ICMP protocol with UBEE Ziggo routers? Contact our Customer Service if UBEE Ziggo router is causing connection problems with EasyControl.
  • Open port 5580

Channels 1, 6, or 11 are the best Wi-Fi channels because they do not overlap if there are multiple wireless networks. In that case, choose the channel that is used the least for the strongest connection. We receive positive feedback from users who have changed their Wi-Fi channel. Usually they are automatically set to 1 or 13. Often it's worth changing it to 5 or 6, which will make your entire network faster and more stable.

You can try the following:

  • Set the Wi-Fi channel to a free channel between 1-11 (EasyControl does not recognize channels higher than 11) (Some boxes such as the Xperia Box go beyond 11 channels);
  • Select WPA2/PSK password encryption;
  • Select 802.11 b/g/n at 2.4 GHz;
  • If this does not give the desired result, reset the router to factory settings to reset the values above.

Note: All personal settings will be lost if the factory settings of the EasyControl are restored. To avoid data losses when faults occur, you should initially try to perform a soft reset.

  • Soft reset

Perform a soft reset while retaining all settings if EasyControl is no longer functioning correctly:

  • Undock the EasyControl briefly from the plinth

  • Hard reset via the touch screen

Press the wastepaper basket symbol to restore the factory settings. There are 2 options:

  • Reset everything to the factory settings (Attention! Consumption data is lost)
  • Restore factory settings except for the consumption data

  • A84-1870: A low battery has been detected on one of the linked wireless devices. Battery replacement is required.
  • A84-1876: The connection to the appliance has been lost. No communication to the appliance is possible.
  • A84-1869: The connection to a wireless device has been lost. Devices cannot communicate.
  • A84-1871: The valve adaption process needs to be started on one of the linked Radiator Thermostats.
  • A84-1872: The valve adaption process failed on one of the linked Radiator Thermostats. Reason: Valve is too tight to operate. Check the mounting of the valve.
  • A84-1873: The valve adaption process failed on one of the linked Radiator Thermostats. Reason: Valve operation range is too big. Check the mounting of the valve.
  • A84-1874: The valve adaption process failed on one of the linked Radiator Thermostats. Reason: Valve operation range is too small. Check the mounting of the valve.
  • A84-1879: The valve adaption process failed on one of the linked Radiator Thermostats. Reason unknown. Check the mounting of the valve.

Is the error code you are looking for not listed above? Then please check the technical documentation of your heating system.For more information, take a look at our online manuals, instructional videos or contact your local EasyControl technical support helpline.

Your boiler is no longer controlled and therefore the heating will not work. In the event of frost, there will be some heating because every Worcester Bosch boiler has frost protection. The frost protection switches the boiler on when the boiler water temperature of 7 °C and off at a boiler water temperature reaches 17 °C.

The stolen thermostat must be replaced.

Please verify the settings in your app. It might be that proximity detection is turned off. This could also happen when the EasyControl is installed in front of mirrored surfaces. The settings of the proximity sensor can be changed in the EasyControl app.

Yes, you can. Simply update the location in the app. You can also return the EasyControl to factory settings by pressing the thermostat’s reset button with a paper clip, but you will lose your current clock program. For more information, see the user manual.

EasyControl’s consumption (display out) is approximately 0.5 W.

In the event of a power cut:

  • The EasyControl does not have power and the heating appliance is switched off.
  • The EasyControl remembers last set settings.
  • As soon as the power returns, the thermostat reboots, the current time is retrieved from the internet server and the appliance restarts according to the clock program.

Yes, appliances with instantaneous water heating will create hot water in the middle of the night. The ECO mode switches off water heating at night if "Sleep" and "Absence" are set in the time programme.That way, the boiler saves energy. After turning on the tap, it will take longer to get DHW because the warm-up function is switched off in eco mode. That means there is DHW in the middle of the night, but with a slightly longer waiting time.

For reference, it is highly recommended that you use a calibrated thermometer. Your installer can assist you with this. If necessary, you can calibrate the EasyControl in the app.

It is possible to calibrate the EasyControl temperature measurement in the EasyControl app settings. The value can then be adjusted up or down. You can increase the temperature shown by adjusting the temperature in the app by 2 °C in steps of 0.5 °C and decrease as well.

  • Remove extra radiators casings and don’t hang curtains over radiators.
  • Have some patience after commissioning: the Optimum Start still has to be taught in. After the first week, large temperature differences are already averaged out.
  • Check the Weather Dependent Control (WDC) algorithm if parameters are set correctly. Controlling your heating in this way requires knowledge of the WDC-algorithm. Ask your installer for support. It is also important to know if the system configuration – e.g. thermostatic radiator valves – supports WDC to be able to use this method correctly.
  • Calibrate:
    Using EasyControl as single room controller the temperature measurement can be adjusted by the temperature calibration setting (± 2 °C) of the EasyControl thermostat itself.

    By using Smart TRVs, the average room temperature of all Smart TRV in one room is taken as reference. If a room is over or under heated, the temperature measurement can be adjusted by the temperature calibration setting (± 2 °C) in the specific Smart RTV(s) of that room.

Possible causes:

  • Are the slots in the thermostat itself contaminated?
  • Is there an airflow through the junction box?
  • Is there any direct sunlight on the EasyControl?
  • Are there any heat sources that affect the EasyControl?
  • Is the EasyControl covered?

The boiler modulates. The device burns at low load and then achieves the highest efficiency. It's cheaper to let the device burn than start anew every time. If optimum start is active, the thermostat shows a flame symbol. The boiler is active for heating to reach the desired temperature as defined in the clock program.

Yes, you can. You can increase or decrease the temperature shown via the app by 2 °C in 0.5 °C increments.

If you have entered your installer’s data (company/installer name, email, phone number, etc.) then the email is sent to his or her e-mail address.
The email contains the following information (see template below):

Dear Company, Installer name

There appears to be a problem with my appliance:
Appliance type: Appliance type
Appliance status: Status of appliance including error and code/s
Appliance maintenance request: Depending on the above
Complaint description: Your description of the problem

Can you please contact me for an appointment?

Best regards,

This message is automatically generated and sent by the EasyControl.

Yes, you can. The ‘optimum start’ is activated by default. The desired temperature is then reached by the set time in the clock program. You can turn this function off if desired.
Menu – Scheduling – Heating – Optimum start in the EasyControl app.

  • Does not work: ‘Optimum start’ is applied by default. You can (dis)able this function: Menu – Scheduling – Heating – Optimum start in the EasyControl app.
  • Does not work properly: speak to the installer to check that your installation is configured correctly.
  • When the EasyControl has just been installed, the thermostat still needs to learn the optimum start time.

The lowest temperature you can set is 5 °C. Your Worcester Bosch appliance is also equipped with frost protection.The EasyControl does not show the water pressure. Why?

Please refer to your appliance manual or contact your installer to confirm whether it supports thermal disinfection. If this feature is available, the EasyControl will show this in the app (in the hot water settings menu).

  • Apple ≥ iOS 12.
  • Android ≥ 7.0.

Your Android smart device does not meet the minimum specifications.

The EasyControl app supports several languages. Change the language settings on your smartphone in order to use the app in a different language.

Yes, it works without any problems.

If the smartphone is not protected, someone else can operate it if the ‘automatic login’ is activated in the EasyControl app. To prevent this, don’t use ‘Automatic login’. If you lost your smartphone with limited protection, you can reset your thermostat password on another connected device. If only one smart device is used, you can set your EasyControl back to factory settings using a paper clip (see installation and operation manual).

The hot water auto mode heats DHW according the DHW clock program. Each day there is a maximum of 4 switch points for DHW.

The outdoor temperature is retrieved from the internet. Your location is defined when you set up the EasyControl app during the on-boarding wizard. These coordinates are used to define your local outdoor temperature. The outdoor temperature is used for Weather-Dependent Control. It can also be shown in the Heating Settings menu.

The EasyControl app defines the time zone based on the location of the thermostat. You can set a new time zone by changing your location.

The EasyControl has a default clock program. After a factory reset, the default clock program will be active again. You can change it according to your needs in the EasyControl App.

Your smart device is connected to your router via Wi-Fi. In case of a broken server connection, EasyControl uses the time on your smart device. To do so, open the EasyControl app. The clock program will continue to function properly.

Each day there is a maximum of 6 switching points for central heating.

1) Clear the EasyControl App Cached Data on your Android Device: Open Settings on your phone => Apps => EasyControl => Clear Cache & Data

2) Delete the EasyControl App.

3) Re-Install the latest version in the Google Play Store.

4) Open the EasyControl app and follow the given steps.

Please check the following document (PDF 0.3 MB) for a step-by-step guide to fix the EasyControl app crashing.

1) Delete the EasyControl App.

2) Re-Install the latest version in the Google Play Store or App Store.

3) Open the EasyControl app and follow the given steps until the Bosch Login.

If you are still experiencing this issue, please click on "Not registered yet?" and create a new account with your credentials.

Please check the following documents for a step-by-step guide to fix EasyControl login problems:

iOS (PDF 0.3 MB) & Android (PDF 0.3 MB)

Smart TRVs are compatible with a large range of radiators. There are three adapters (23,25.5 and 34mm) included and other adapters can be supported, please click here (PDF 0.4 MB) to see the list of radiator adapters

If you are using the Smart Radiator Thermostats from Bosch in combination with low temperature radiators, you need to define a high set point so the valves do not close during high room temperatures. The maximum set point of Smart TRV is 30°C.

  • Try to do a soft reset of the EasyControl and remove the batteries of the Smart TRV and put them back to solve the issue.
  • Try to remove the Smart TRV that is not working from the EasyControl app in the Settings-Devices menu, do a factory reset of the Smart TRV by removing one battery, press and hold the mode key “0” and reinsert the battery. Hold down the mode key “0” and wait until “RES” appears on the display and the orange LED display flashes. Then include the Smart TRV again in the EasyControl app.
  • Try to remember when the problems began, did something change at home? The placement of the EasyControl, a new TV, microwave, computer or anything that can cause disturbances in the Radio Frequency could be a potential cause of the Smart TRV problems. Try to move any potential sources of distortion to another location in your home.

In the EasyControl app, your setpoint and actual temperature of each different room is shown. On the home screen, the actual temperatures are shown. To indicate whether the appliance is heating for which room, the room which generates the heat request is indicated by a red dot.

You will need the adapter if you want to use the Bosch EasyControl with the below heating appliances:

  • Modulating heating systems with OpenTherm-protocol
  • On/off-appliances and district heating systems
  • Older boilers with iRT-protocol

Check the appliance’s installation instructions to check which communication protocol your boiler uses.

The EasyControl Adapter converts automatically communication signals, e.g. from iRT/OpenTherm/on-off to EMS protocol. Important for the commissioning of the Bosch EasyControl Adapter is the sequence switching on the devices. Always follow the following sequence:

  • Place the thermostat.
  • Plug the mains adapter of the EasyControl Adapter into a socket.
  • Plug the power supply of the appliance into a socket.
  • Switch on the appliance.

If the EasyControl does not detect the iRT/OpenTherm signal within one minute, it switches towards on/off protocol. By disconnecting the EasyControl Adapter for 25 seconds and then reconnecting it, the adapter will start searching again. The colors red and blue will pass. After approximately 25 seconds, the adapter will light up green. Then it will have found the iRT/OpenTherm connection and the EasyControl will start working with the right communication.

If you don’t have an on/off appliance and it takes a minute before the adapter lights up green, the Bosch EasyControl Adapter has automated opted for on/off signal although it is not right.

  • Check the connection between the Adapter and the appliance.
  • Initiate the sequence again.

The table stand can be installed on any flat surface in the reference room. This will ensure a proper temperature measurement. Please consider that the table stand requires a 230VAC connection.

The maximum range depends on many factors including construction materials and the existence of other radio networks among others. It is recommended to avoid thick concrete walls or shelves between the table stand and the appliance.

The table stand power supply cannot be disconnected from the power supply. Please use the separate power supply supplied with the Control-Key to mount the EasyControl on the wall.

Currently only the Worcester Greenstar GR 8700iW Style wall hung appliance is compatible with the Wireless Bosch Easy Control (including EasyControl Table Stand and EasyControl ‘Control-Key’).

Control-Key Currently only the Wireless Bosch EasyControl with the Key slot is compatible and tested with the EasyControl and the EasyControl ‘Control-Key’.

Currently the Wireless Bosch EasyControl is only compatible with the Worcester Greenstar GR 8700iW Style wall hung appliance and none other – however there are plans in the future for boilers to be compatible with the Wireless Bosch EasyControl.

EasyControl has been designed to be a wireless and portable solution; in addition, it requires a minimum power level that cannot be provided by conventional batteries. This provides a continuous WiFI and RF connection.

EasyControl must be connected to a WiFi network in order to perform the update. This can take up to 24 hours but the user can force the update via the app. Please note that if the current version of the device is older than version 1.4, it is necessary to first connect the EasyControl to an EMS 1.0 device to force the update via the APP.

The Control-Key is powered from the appliance. There is no need to have an additional power supply.

This separate power supply can be used in case you wish to mount the EasyControl on the wall instead of on the Table Stand. Before installing the EasyControl on the wall it is recommended to test the RF signal strength from that location to the boiler.

The signal strength can be verified via the EasyControl App under the Settings>Devices menu. It is recommended that you look for a location with a maximum signal (3 bars).

  • Try to reboot the EasyControl (give the thermostat a soft reset) and the Control Key (remove the key out of the key slot and reinsert it) to solve the issue
  • If this this does not help, try to remove the Control Key that is not working from the EasyControl app in the Settings-Devices menu. Do a reset of Control Key (press the button 5 seconds till the key produces a sound). Then include Control Key again in the EasyControl app.

Make sure that you have entered your user credentials as stated on the Quick install guide and selected the correct EasyControl device.

Close the blank window and make sure you have connected your device on the Gateway Management Portal. Follow the displayed steps to add your controller, and once the device is successfully added, go back to and continue with creating your trigger and action. You might be requested to log in again.

Detailed instruction can be found on: IFTTT

You can find all the information about using the EasyControl with Amazon Alexa on the following page: Amazon Alexa

Please use the voice commands which are displayed on our Alexa page as they are the only ones available.

Please ensure that room names do not include numbers (e.g. room 1) or unusual room descriptions (e.g. Sesselecke). If desired, please type numbers out in characters (e.g. room one). Use common names (e.g. kitchen, living room, sleeping room etc.). These more common rooms names have a higher recognitions probability.

If you change room names in the EasyControl App it could take up to 24 hours until Alexa gets aware of these changes. To see these changes in the Alexa app, please close the app and open it again.

Be sure to connect your Amazon Alexa device and Bosch EasyControl in the same Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, Alexa might not recognize the Bosch device.

The Gateway Pairing Page does not give you feedback in case the Gateway is already paired with your RRC. If you are not automatically redirected to the next page, close the current window and continue from the last one.

Ensure that you have paired the Bosch EasyControl in the Gateway Management Portal.

If there was a different EasyControl already previously connected to the App, visit the Gateway Management Portal, disconnect the old EasyControl and then connect the new one.

You can read all about our Siri Shortcuts integration on the following page: Siri Shortcuts

No, you can only use Siri Shortcuts with EasyControl using devices running iOS 13 and higher.

For Siri Shortcuts to work correctly, it is important that you have first made a successful connection between the EasyControl thermostat and the EasyControl app.

To set up Siri Shortcuts with the EasyControl, run the Siri ‘Shortcuts’ app on your iOS device (iOS 13 and higher) and choose to create a new Shortcut by pressing on the ‘+’ icon in the top right corner. Select the EasyControl app and choose which Shortcut action you want to create and then set up the action according to your preference.

Now simply perform the voice commands you have created in Siri Shortcuts, using the exact sentence you have configured during the setup.

Yes, it is standard Siri behavior that the response is only given by voice/audio instead of also by text. If you do however want to enable that the text response is also shown, you can do this by going to: Settings -> Siri & Search -> Siri Responses -> Enable “Always Show Siri Captions”.

One advantage of the EasyControl is that data is not stored on the cloud. Everything is stored on the EasyControl thermostat itself. If you remove your EasyControl from its ground plate, you have your data in your hand. You and your fellow users are the owners of your boiler data. When you use extra services (e.g. Bosch HomeCom Pro, IFTTT, Amazon Alexa / Echo) you share information with Third Parties.

Through the EasyControl app, you can allow your installer to view the data on your thermostat for a set period of time and, if necessary, change the settings. You can end your installer's access immediately at any time.

See the latest version here

Bosch only stores the personal information needed to register your product for warranty, warranty and maintenance work, and servicing purposes.

All data required for the proper functioning of this product is stored locally in the product itself. When using the app, all data is stored on your mobile device. Only you can view it and change it with your personal access code.

Bosch has no access to your information
Bosch can see if your product is online but cannot gain access to your information. If necessary, you can authorise Bosch to gain temporary access to your product. The temporary access can be revoked at any time by turning it off in the app.

When changing your password, make sure you notify all the other EasyControl users of the new password.

Software updates
The product software updates automatically. All data requested by your product for the updates will be sent in encrypted form. The coordinating and sending of data uses a secure server.
Weather information is taken from the Weather Company (IBM).

Please note
By using this product after purchase (and by installing and using the app) you are deemed to accept all the above. If you have any objection to the storage and use of your personal information as described above, you must notify us in writing. We will then delete that data we hold about you.

The EasyControl stores all data locally in the EasyControl itself.

Users create a Bosch account only once and register all Bosch products to that account. Additional services, like third party connections (e.g. IFTTT) can be used too.