Because "easy" is simply better

Because "easy" is simply better

Enjoy the advantages of the revolutionary Bosch technology

Bosch EasyControl ensures everything runs smoothly

Everything about the Bosch EasyControl is “easy” - from operating the app, with its many innovative features, to installation of the control unit.

Simply install

Simply install

Mounting and connecting the EasyControl is much easier than you might think. In just a few simple steps, you can have it on the wall or on a table stand.

The same location on the wall

If your current thermostat is connected to heating wires in the wall and you like to keep it where it is, you can simply replace it with a wired Bosch EasyControl.

Step-by-step Wired EasyControl installation video

Any location with the RF Key and table stand

If you prefer to put the EasyControl in the most suitable location in your house, this is possible by considering our Wireless solution. You will be able to pair the Bosch EasyControl with the EasyControl RF Key and use it in combination with our table stand.

Step-by-step Wireless EasyControl installation video

Bosch EasyControl app

The app, which you can use to effortlessly operate the Bosch EasyControl, is self-explanatory. You'll get to grips with it in no time – it has never been so easy to operate your heating system, whether you're at home or out and about. With its open interface, it compatible with other apps or smart products such as IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri Shortcuts.

Simply download the free Bosch EasyControl app and use the demo mode to see how intuitive and user-friendly it is.

Simply download the free app

Bosch Smart Home Thermostat

Bosch Smart Radiator Thermostat

Your existing radiator thermostat heads can be simply replaced with the wireless Bosch Smart Radiator Thermostats. These can be easily mounted and once the installation is finished, you can set an individual time program for each one in the EasyControl App. This will ensure that you only heat the rooms in your house when necessary and at the temperature you want. This will improve both your energy savings and your comfort levels.

For the optimum comfort levels we recommend that a Smart Radiator Thermostat is installed on every radiator in the home.

Bosch EasyControl Adapter

You will need the adapter if you want to use the Bosch EasyControl with the below heating appliances:

  • modulating heating systems with OpenTherm-protocol
  • on/off-appliances and district heating systems
  • older boilers with iRT-protocol

Check the appliance’s installation instructions to check which communication protocol your boiler uses.

Hassle-free connection

For the best results, install the adapter right next to the heating system. Then simply plug the main plug into the socket – finished!

Please note: when connected with an on/off-system, EasyControl offers a limited set of functions, which includes the remote control and programming of the heating system and presence detection.

Operating Instructions (PDF 3.4 MB)