Say hello to the EasyControl of Bosch

Say hello to the EasyControl of Bosch

The new smart connected heating and hot water thermostat from Bosch makes everything easy and gives you complete control.

Do it the Easy Way!

EasyControl by Bosch

Forget everything you've ever learnt about thermostats. Because the EasyControl is a revolution. The smart controller in combination with the app enables you to easily control the heating in each individual room to give maximum comfort when and where you want it.

New accessory: EasyControl table stand

With the table stand, you can place the smart control anywhere in the home. It's simply practical – especially when modernising.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Simply efficient: Thanks to the presence detection feature, the EasyControl adapts the heating to your daily routine
  • Simply control each room: You choose your ideal temperature.
  • Simply stunning: Slim design with glass touchscreen and ambient light
  • Simply user-friendly: With the intuitive EasyControl app

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Discover the EasyControl of Bosch

Presence detection

Presence Detection

The EasyControl registers when you are home and automatically adjusts the heating to your daily routine – without you having to do anything. This way, the heating is only ever switched on when you actually need it. Saving energy can be this simple!

Individual room regulation EasyControl

Individual Room Control

21 °C in the living room, 24 °C in the bathroom and 18 °C in the bedroom – with the EasyControl, you can control these effortlessly. You simply enter the required temperature for each room, and that's it. The only additional technology that you require is Bosch Smart Radiator Thermostate (Smart TRVs).

Individual room regulation for underfloor heating is not supported yet.


Google Home/ Assistant & Facebook Messenger

"Your personal assistant .tiarda supports you in optimally controlling the temperature in your home. .tiarda makes operating your heating system using Google Home, Google Assistant or Facebook Messenger as easy and convenient as possible.

She translates simple voice commands such as ""I'll be home later today"" into specific settings on the heating, thus ensuring maximum thermal comfort. She always makes sure that no energy is wasted, especially when you are not home. "

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Amazon Alexa

Tell the heating what to do? If you connect EasyControl to Amazon Alexa, you can control your heating with your voice. Alexa will even be able to tell you about the status of your heating

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IFTTT Teaser


This comprehensive new feature, enables the EasyControl to control not just the heating, but other apps too through IFTTT. You will be able to define conditions for certain actions in accordance with the "If This Then That" principle. If the conditions are met, IFTTT arranges for the corresponding action(s, chosen by you, to be performed.

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Simply ideal even with old heating systems

EasyControl makes your heating system smart, even if it's an old one. Simply retrofit the EasyControl with ease and enjoy the latest technology that smart thermostats have to offer

Is the EasyControl suitable for your heating system? Test it here! (PDF 3.7 MB)

Simply control hot water

EasyControl saves you money not only on your heating but on your hot water too. It does this by providing three simple options:

  • On: hot water at any time
  • Auto: program the hot water function to times which suit you
  • Off: hot water function is switched off

Simply provides the perfect service

Future updates will enable the HomeCom Pro from Bosch. HomeCom Pro gives your installer easy access to your heating system’s data. Intuitive and simple, your installer will automatically receive all error messages and maintenance messages as soon as they occur, eliminating faults faster.

Simply modulates

EasyControl supports modulating burners by effortlessly providing the greatest possible efficiency while increasing the lifespan of your heating unit.

Energy savings

Simple to set up

There's no need to mount the EasyControl on a wall. Simply use the table stand. You can put the smart EasyControl exactly where you want. All you need to do is connect the table stand to a plug socket and insert the appropriate key into the corresponding slot on the heating appliance – now the EasyControl can control your heating. The key then ensures reliable wireless communication between the controller and the heater.

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Simply excellent

Available in black and white, the wall-mounted controller has a modern, sleek design, making it a stylish addition to any home.

But the EasyControl not only convinces with its attractive design, but also with its ability to save energy and heating costs. Winning the Safety & Energy Efficiency Product of the Year Award in 2019 confirms the contribution to a sustainable environment.

Simply look from time to time: the EasyControl in 360° perspective

Ambient Light

EasyControl communicates with you not only through an app, but also with its ambient light. As soon as you send a heating command to the heating system to increase the temperature, it lights up orange for one second or, if you decrease the temperature, blue. On the other hand, if you leave your home a green light will light for one second to show that the heating has switched to the away mode. A red light means that there is an error in the heating system. If everything is running as normal, the ambient light stays off.