Sprachassistent .tiarda

.tiarda, your virtual assistant

.tiarda is the new virtual assistant that helps you control your heating with your Bosch EasyControl. .tiarda will ensure you feel comfortable when you’re at home and save energy while you’re out.

Optimising the clock program? Adjusting radiator valves? Home/Away function? There are lots of ways in which .tiarda can help you improve your energy savings and reduce your utility bills. Just ask .tiarda about it!

You can text or talk with .tiarda via Facebook. .tiarda will translate your text or voice commands such as "I'll be home later today" into specific actions on your heating, ensuring maximum comfort as well as maximum savings.

.tiarda is only available in German and English.


.tiarda offers not only the full functionality of the EasyControl but also unlocks extra benefits.

From setting an away temperature when no one’s home to handy home energy-saving-tips for winter. There are many ways to save energy with your Bosch EasyControl and heating system.

Start learning new things with .tiarda and get smarter every day!

Temperature control

If you forget to switch off the heating –no problem! Ask .tiarda to reduce the temperature or switch off the heating at any time, from anywhere and individually for each room.

Pre-heating the living room

It's a pleasure to get your home snug and warm while you're still on your way home. If you let me know in time, your home will only use as much energy as absolutely necessary.

Even better, if you activate automatic absence detection, I can do it all by myself.

Holiday mode

Of course, you don't want to heat your home while you're on holiday. But you don't want to come back to a cold house either. .tiarda understands that. If you tell her your holiday dates, she will be happy to set the away mode for you.

Ask about energy consumption

Would you like to know how high your current energy consumption* is compared to last year? Just ask her.

.tiarda will give you an overview of your energy consumption but also gives you hints and tips, to help you build better habits to save even more in the future.

*Availability of the energy consumption data depends on the heating and the setup of the Bosch EasyControl.

Detailed description of all functions

Here you can find more details about all the functions

Connecting .tiarda via Facebook Messenger

1.Search for "tiarda" on Facebook Messenger and connect

2.tiarda start it´s conversation as soon as you click "Get started”

3..tiarda will guide you through the rest of the pairing process

For a detailed description of this installation process, please watch the video below or consult the installation guide (PDF 1.0 MB)

Simply download this app and get to know .tiarda