Take a look at the newest features we have to offer you!

New features

  • Easily switch between your EasyControl thermostats
  • EasyControl as external temperature sensor for your Smart TRVs
  • New login procedure
  • Advance Clock feature
  • .tiarda (chat) bot for Google Home/ Assistant & Facebook Messenger
  • Siri Shortcuts Integration
  • Room Control with ETRVs
  • Home Presence Detection update for IOS
  • Humidity explanation
  • Amazon Alexa Integration
  • IFTTT Integration

Coming soon

  • Support for underfloor heating
  • Push notifications
  • Coming Home

Latest App version:

iOS: 3.6.1

Android: 3.6.0

Latest Thermostat version:


EasyControl as external temperature sensor for your Smart TRVs
Easily switch between your EasyControl thermostats

Do you have a secondary EasyControl thermostat in for example your holiday residence that you would like to easily switch to? From now on, you can simply go to our newly added ‘Thermostats’ menu and select which thermostat you would like to control!

EasyControl as external temperature sensor for your Smart TRVs
EasyControl as external temperature sensor for your Smart TRVs

The EasyControl thermostat will now act as an external temperature sensor for your Bosch Smart Radiator Thermostats (Smart TRVs). In other words, the temperature in your home will be measured by your EasyControl thermostat instead of your Smart TRVs. This new addition means a better temperature control by Smart TRVs that are located behind a curtain, couch or even in convector wells. Temperature synchronisation is automatically done when the Smart TRV is added to the same zone as the EasyControl thermostat, so you do not have to take any action.

New login procedure
New login procedure

Since we want to make things as easy as possible, in case you get an new phone or want to connect to other services, we have started introducing a new login procedure to the Bosch EasyControl app. Instead of retrieving your device credentials (locally) from your phone, we will retrieve the credentials using your Bosch-ID.

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Advance Clock feature

Will you arrive home earlier from work or are you sleepy and do you want to go to bed a bit earlier than usual? We got you covered! With our new ‘Advance’ button, found in the Favourites menu, you can simply advance to your next scheduled Clock Program switching point, so that you can control your room temperature in Clock Mode a bit earlier than you have programmed for one time, without it affecting your overall heating schedule.

Smart Radiator Thermostats Calibration
.tiarda (chat) bot for Google Assistant on Smart Speakers and Smart Devices & Facebook Messenger

Your personal assistant .tiarda supports you in optimally controlling the temperature in your home. .tiarda makes operating your heating system using Google Assistant on Smart Speakers and Smart Devices or Facebook Messenger as easy and convenient as possible.

She translates simple voice commands such as ""I'll be home later today"" into specific settings on the heating, thus ensuring maximum thermal comfort. She always makes sure that no energy is wasted, especially when you are not home.

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Siri Shortcuts Integration (iOS 13 and higher)

Ease of use is always central with EasyControl. That’s why we are excited to share that you can now use Siri Shortcut voice commands to control your heating! After setting up Siri Shortcuts with EasyControl, Siri will be able to tell you about the status of your heating and you will be able set the temperature to a specific amount and set EasyControl to Home or Away mode, all with the ease of your voice.

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Room Control with ETRVs

We have heard and value your feedback and very soon your thermostat will no longer automatically switch to Weather Dependent Control when you’re using Smart Radiator Thermostats. With a new and improved Room Control option, you will be able to reduce your energy usage and enjoy increased comfort as your radiator heats up faster.

Frau Home
Increased reliability of Home Presence Detection for IOS

We have improved the Home Presence Detection feature to make it more reliable.

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Humidity explanation

We would like to ensure that our users have a better understanding of our app. Therefore, when you touch the humidity icon, you will now get an explanation about the humidity level of your house. This will give you better understanding on whether your home has a good or bad humidity level and suggest the necessary actions.

Amazon Alexa Integration

Bosch is excited to share the news about this interactive new feature. You are now able to connect EasyControl to Amazon Alexa to control your heating with your voice. Similarly, Alexa will be able to tell you about the status of your heating.

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IFTTT Integration

This comprehensive upcoming feature, will enable the EasyControl to control not just the heating, but other apps too through IFTTT. You will be able to define conditions for certain actions in accordance with the "If This Then That" principle.

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