Take a look at the newest features we have to offer you!

New features

  • Added more features to support for Heat Pump appliances (requires firmware 4.0 of the CT200/ TC100 and compatible controller HPC400/410 and HMC300/310
  • Maintenance and performance improvements
  • ETRV valves can now be (re)calibrated from the app
  • Open window detection for systems with connected thermostatic valves
  • Boost mode
  • Push notifications for devices
  • Push notifications
  • Whisper mode for Smart Radiator Thermostats
  • Solar module (SM100) support
  • Easily switch between your EasyControl thermostats
  • EasyControl as external temperature sensor for your Smart TRVs
  • New login procedure
  • Advance Clock feature

Coming soon

  • Support for underfloor heating

Latest App version:

iOS: 4.2.2

Android: 4.2.2

Latest Thermostat version:


Boost mode
Hydraulic Balancing

The new automatic hydraulic balancing function ensures efficient supply to all radiators to which an intelligent radiator thermostat is connected, helping to save heating costs by distributing heat evenly throughout the house.

Available since app and firmware update 4.0

Boost mode
New Boost mode feature

The new Boost feature changes your temperature setpoint for a given duration. The feature can be easily activated in the Favorites menu of the app. Upon enabling the temperature setpoint, duration and relevant rooms can be selected.

Available since app and firmware update 3.10

Push notifications for devices

No surprises anymore due to empty batteries of your Smart Radiator thermostats. The EasyControl now lets you know when batteries run low or a problem occurred with one of your paired devices. You need to enable push notifications in the app (Settings -> Push Notifications) in order to receive these notifications.

Available since firmware update 3.10

EasyControl as external temperature sensor for your Smart TRVs
Have your notifications sent directly to your cell phone

Once you enable push notifications, you will be informed on your mobile phone whenever the heating system needs attention, i.e., when maintenance is required. You need to enable the function in the app (Settings -> Push Notifications) in order to receive push notifications.

Available since update 3.8

EasyControl as external temperature sensor for your Smart TRVs
More peace and quiet thanks to silent mode

Our Smart Radiator Thermostats are now even more silent. An optimised motor drive ensures even more seamless control of your heating. This improvement is part of the latest software for the Smart Radiator Thermostats, version 1.6, and is enabled automatically.

New login procedure
Automatic optimization of heat distribution

Automatically optimise your heating at home. If your system is equipped with Smart Radiator Thermostats, you can now automatically optimise the heat distribution for maximal comfort and energy efficiency. You can enable this function in the app (Settings -> Heating). Please note: this function needs a week at least to learn the behavior of the heating system.

Available since update 3.8

Screen EasyControl
Support for solar power

In heating systems equipped with a solar module (SM100), operational information about the solar revenue and activity can be displayed now. The information can be found in the app along with the energy consumption. The information is shown automatically once a solar module is detected in the system.

Available since update 3.8